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Chieco Camilla

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Chieco Camilla
Chieco Camilla

Camilla Chieco

Born July, 1977, in Bologna

Researcher at IBIMET-Bologna



  • July 2004 - Doctor in Agronomy, University of Bologna

  • 2005-2008- PhD in Entomology, University of Bologna, Italy

  • Since 2009- She is currently working as researcher at Institute of Biometeorology, of the National Research Council of Italy (IBIMET-CNR).

Fields of interest

  • Insects physiology and anatomy: specialized in insect physiology and anatomy, with expertise in insect reading, biological assay and insecticide resistance; areas of interest include insect embryonic development and metamorphosis hormonal control. She is currently working on the silkworm nutritional aspects with focus on the physiological aftermath of artificial diet functionalization.

  • Ecophysiological studies on Volatile Organic Compound emission (VOC): studies on volatile organic compound emission (VOC) from vegetation at plant and ecosystem scale.

  • Plant physiology and eco-physiology: studies on plant physiology and eco-physiology to investigate the effectiveness in carbon sequestration and in gaseous and particulate pollutants removal by broadleaf tree species in urban environment.



SCIENTIFIC EQUIPMENT FOR BIOLOGICAL AND ENVIRONMENTAL RESEARCH: Measurements of leaf-level gas-exchanges (VOCs and CO2) in woody plants using a Portable Photosynthesis System (LI-Cor 6400).

GAS CHROMATOGRAPHY AND MASS SPECTROMETRY: Sampling and determination of volatile organic compounds from plants by using gas chromatography and mass spectrometry techniques.

OPTICAL MICROSCOPY: light microscope for animal and plant tissue observations; stereo microscope for anatomical studies of insects.

ELECTRON MICROSCOPY: processing of plant and animal samples for SEM observations; experience in the study of the morphology of natural fibers (silk, hemp, nettle).

HISTOLOGY: processing of animals and plants tissues (fixation, paraffin and methacrylate resin embedding, microtome cutting, staining)

ENTOMOLOGY: in vivo and in vitro rearing of insects; development of bioassays.

TEST ELISA: development of protocols for the quantification of insect hormones (ecdysone and juvenile hormone)

FILTH TEST: detection of biological impurities in flour and food.



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