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Baraldi Rita

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Baraldi Rita
Baraldi Rita

Baraldi Rita


  • Doctor in Agricultural Science, University of Bologna, Italy
  • Senior Scientist at the Institute of Biometeorology (IBIMET) of the National Research Council
  • Since 2009 responsible of the detached branch of IBIMET-CNR in Bologna, Italy

She has been Visiting Scientist at :

  • Plant Hormone Laboratory, USDA, Beltsville, MD, USA for projects on plant hormones

  • Departamento de Ciencias Naturales,Universidad de Rio Cuarto, Argentina on the framework of the Bilateral project CNR-CONICET on the relationship between plant hormones and photomorphogenesis

  • Global Change Research Group, San Diego University, USA for investigation on volatile organic compound emissions from natural ecosystem at different CO2 levels



Her research interest is focused on plant physiology and ecophysiology, investigating the physiological and biochemical parameters in the correlation between resistance and tolerance to biotic and abiotic factors.

Since the beginning of the scientific carrier, her research interest has been focused on Plant Physiology and ecophysiology, including characterization, metabolism and signal transduction of phytohormones, especially auxins and gibberellins and their role as intermediates between the light environment and plant growth and development. For the identification and quantification of plant hormones, a specific methodology for woody tissues has been developed using High Pressure Liquid Chromatography (HPLC) and gas-chromatography associated to mass spectrometry (GC-MS).

She has sound experience on the identification and quantification of the main biogenic volatile organic compounds (VOC) emitted by the leaves and plant canopies by gas chromatography mass spectrometry (GC-MS). She studies the interaction between biosphere and atmosphere with emphasis on the metabolism and physiology of isoprenoid emissions and estimation of biosphere/atmosphere fluxes.

  • 2009-to date Responsible of the detached branch of IBIMET-CNR Bologna, Italy
  • 1999-to date Senior Scientist at IBIMET (ex ISTEA), CNR, Bologna, Italy.
  • 1999/2000 Visiting scientist at the Global Change Research Group, San Diego University, USA for investigation on volatile organic compound emissions from natural ecosystem at different CO2 levels
  • 1993/1995/1996 Visiting scientist at the Departamento de Ciencias Naturales,Universidad de Rio Cuarto, Argentina on the framework of the Bilateral project CNR-CONICET on the relationship between plant hormones and photomorphogenesis
  • 1992/1996/1997 Visiting scientist at Plant Hormone Laboratory, USDA, Beltsville, MD, USA for projects on plant hormones
  • 1981-1984 Fellowship at Istituto di Coltivazioni Arboree, University of Bologna, Italy
  • 1985-1986 Visiting scientist at Plant Hormone Laboratory, USDA, Beltsville, MD, USA for projects on plant hormones.
  • 1984-1999 Scientist at ISTEA, CNR, Bologna, Italy

Research interests:

  • Atmosphere/biosphere exchange
  • Ecophysiological studies on volatile organic compound emission (VOC) from vegetation at plant and ecosystem scale
    Global change.
  • Plant physiology and ecophysiology
  • Auxin and abscisic acid biosynthesis and metabolism in association with various aspects of plant, bacteria and fungal development
  • Phytohormones as intermediates between light signal and morphogenesis



She is investigating the effectiveness of trees and shrubs on CO2 and particulate uptake from the atmosphere and the potentiality to emit VOC that can contribute to the production or reduction of ozone and particles, especially in polluted urban airsheds, in order to provide useful information for the suitability of vegetation to improve air quality in urban environment.

Component of the Editorial Board

  • Plant Growth Regulation
  • Journal of Life Science


Current Scientific responsibility of research projects:

Other scientific responsablility:

  • Scientific responsible of the research line "Global change and physiology of natural and cultivated plants".

  • Italian responsible for the bilateral project Italy/Argentina "Interaction between light and hormones in the regulation of shoot growth".

  • Scientific responsible for the PAT/CNR program "Analysis and researches for the agroindustrial system" (PROMETAVIT).

  • Scientific responsible of the CIBA-IBIMET research program "Light spectral quality effects on the photomorphogenic processes in plants

  • Scientific responsible of the CSF-IBIMET research project “Environmental impact of urban forests in terms of Volatile Organic Compounds (VOC) emission, CO2 sequestration and pollutant uptake“


Scientific collaboration of research projects:

  • MIPAF research program "Plant protection thought molecular markers" (PROMAR).
  • Biatex 2  Project "Atmosphere-Biosphere Exchange of Pollutant" Subproject- EUROTRAC (European Experiment on the Transport and Transformation of  Environmentally Relevant Tree Gas Constituents in the Troposphere over Europe)
  • European Project MEDEFLU "European Community Fluxes in Mediterranean Area)
  • European Project FUTURE_VOC "Biogenic volatile organic compound (BVOC) emission of European forests under CO2 levels: influence on compound composition and source strength"
  • PianosaLab Project "Development and implementation of a ground station to study the greenhouse gas exchange from vegetation and atmosphere"
  • MIUR-FISR CarboItaly project " Innovative instruments for the implementation of the Kyoto Protocol: Italian measurement network & national prediction  system of forest and agricultural carbon sink and national-scale assessment of productivity and carbon sequestration of Italian forests".
  • MIUR Project "Mediterranean forests and drought: mechanism of resistance and vulnerability"
  • MIUR project "Innovative techniques for the remote sensing of vegetation carbon balance"
  • MIUR project "Molecular and hormonal bases involved in the switch of the cellular fate and in the totipotency of higher plants"
  • CRPV Project "Strategie di prevenzione per la salvaguardia della produzione di actinidia affetta da forme croniche di deperimento lignicolo (carie ed   elefantiasi)
  • Comune di Parma “Redazione del piano pluriennale di adeguamento del patrimonio arboreo cittadino con funzione di Biocompensazione”
  • Comune di Pistoia “ Valutazione dell’uso del verde per la mitigazione del rumone del trafficolo auto veicolare, degli inquinanti gassosi e delle polveri sottili”.
  • Ministero dello Sviluppo Economico “Nuovo processo di produzione di biogas pulito da discariche o da biomasse rinnovabili da utilizzare come carburante alternativo per la produzione di energia elettrica rinnovabile”
  • Consolidere Ingenio Montes CSD2008-00040 “Spanish woodlands and global change: threats and opportunity” del Ministery of Science of the Spanish Government


Teaching activities

  • “Analitical techniques for auxin studies: microscale isolation technique for quantitative GC-MS analysis of indole-3-acetic acid from cherry” at the Horticultural Crops Quality Laboratory of Beltsville, USA
  • Teaching of doctorate courses in “auxin, chemistry, metabolism and physiology” at Rio Quarto University, Argentina
  • “Interaction between light and auxin on in vitro rooting” at the l’Horticultural Crops Quality Laboratory of Beltsville, USA
  • "Auxins, chemistry, metabolism and physiology; methods of isolation and quantification in plant tissues" ” at Rio Quarto University, Argentina
  • Teaching of doctorate courses in “Measuraments of VOC with the technique of Relaxed Eddy Accumulation (REA)”  at the University of Naple, Federico II, Italy
  • Teaching of doctorate courses in “ Function of hormone and sugar metabolism on plant growth and development, also in relation to environmental stresses” “ VOC emission: Ecophysiological and environmental roles”, University of Sassari, Italy




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