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Development and Management of the Coastal Area

ultima modifica 22/10/2018 10:57
Nell’ambito dell’Accordo di cooperazione fra Ibimer CNR e ilTechnological Education Institute è stato realizzato un convegno scientifico dal titolo “Development and Management of the Coastal Area”. Nel link di seguito si riportano gli atti del convegno i cui referenti scientifici sono il dott. Teodoro Georgiadis – Ricercatore di Ibimet CNR, il dott. Francesco Marabini – Ricercatore di IBIMET CNR, e il prof. Aristeidis Mertzanis - Professore presso il Technological Education Institute of Sterea Ellada.

.. “We wanted to represent the main themes of the meeting, the safeguard and the management, through the image of Laocoön roped by the Sea snakes: the bare truth is prey to a dark and disturbing force of nature, so as to establish precisely that all knowledge of the world can nothing if they are not put into action really capable of a significant contrast of the dangers.” ..

Teodoro Georgiadis

.. “The mismanagement and overexploitation of the fragile coastal environment over the past 50 years, lacking proper planning, threatens to destroy the coastal zone, a key pillar of the economy (shipping, tourism, fishing) and a major environmental resource for Greece. The coastal space is a multifactorial system that needs special protection and rationally designed interventions for the “coexistence” of anthropogenic activity with the coastal ecosystem.” ..

Petros Lampsas